Artist's statement

I believe that we experience the world through momentary glimpses.

In my work, I express this fragmentation through layers and sections. Layers are sometimes clear, other times obscured. Sections suggest multiple and simultaneous perspectives.

The brush technique I use balances control and openness. As I apply this brushwork to the surface, I play with the interaction of hard edges and boundaries and the flow of the ink. It is an intuitive response to my emotions in the moment. This working process satisfies my personal need for quiet and containment, while allowing for surprise, risk, and freedom.

For the last few years, tassels have pulled me in. They are everywhere and in every culture. What at first seems like mere adornment on luxury items, I began to recognize as a gathering of all the threads in a larger fabric. 

Tassels can be authoritative and showy or frayed and disconnected. They may be orderly, knotted, tangled or torn, or only hanging by a thread. These are the human metaphors I find in this simple decoration, and the basis for my work “Fringed and Frayed.”

All of my work is a way to recollect and respond to my life and honor the lives of others in celebration and with empathy.